Buddha Jewel Online Class Corner

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Bodhi Mind Reflections

The sutra says, “Among all offerings, Dharma offering is the utmost one.”   We appreciate the observations shared with us recently.

Personal Reflections

If you would like to share your thoughts and questions about your practice, you can complete the form by press the “reflections” button below.  The results are confidential between you and Shifu, unless you agree to share.

Meritorious Plan
(Punya Practice)

A template to track your merits like Liao Fan.   (Don’t need to hand it in, unless you want to share! 🙂 )

Quick Guide to Home Study

We integrates all the links  you need on one webpage, including the procedure of daily practice, chanting, wisdom words, and mdeditation timer as well.  All the convenient design is to encourage you to keep up the diligent practice, to settle your body and mind, to bring forth your bodhi mind and never regret until perfect enlightenment is attained.