Bodhi Mind Reflection

The Brighter Pearl

Bobby Brooks (Fa Bao 法寶)

There are three Chan/Zen writings and stories that have been the most inspirational to me.

The first is the Horse Farmer story. I initially heard it in 7th grade social studies class about world religions. I was 12 at the time and it was the first religious story I’d heard that had made sense. I didn’t know at the time that it was the beginning of my spiritual journey. I discovered meditation shortly afterwards and it was something that  just felt right and provided relief from the noise in my head.

The second is the Ten Ox Herding Pictures. I understand them to be about becoming free of the opinions, fears, beliefs and close mindedness that had kept me in a state of ignorance and moving beyond to an unlimited place of mystery and wonder. It is still my favorite.

The third is a poem:

I have a bright pearl

Long covered in dust and fatigue

Today the dust is gone

And the brightness reveals itself

Illuminating the whole world


I’ve known the dust and fatigue for far too long. But then, one breath at a time, the dust starts to clear and the fatigue begins to lift. The pearl gets brighter!

When I let go of something and remember it’s what happens in the moment, I find a quiet joy and happiness in the journey. It’s then I’m able to be there for others. Not in a forceful way but in a compassionate way.



Bobby Brooks (Fa Bao 法寶)


首先是塞翁失馬公案, 我是在我七年級社會課世界宗教的單元中第一次聽到這個故事,對當時十二歲的我來說,這是我聽過最能讓人信服的宗教故事。當時的我並不知道這個公案開啟了我的修行之門。沒過多久,我接觸到打坐,我馬上能夠感受到打坐的利益,因為它能夠停止我腦中紛飛的雜念。

其次是十牛圖頌,我了解它的目的是要我們調伏凡夫如牛一般的這念心,它用循序漸進的方式幫助我們放下心中的我執,煩惱,畏懼,和無明,帶領我們契悟本心,最後騎牛歸家,到達自在無礙的奇妙境界。 十牛圖頌一直都是跟我最相應的佛法道理。