Bodhi Mind Reflection

Finding Meditation

Steve Langford

As I reflect.

I am a believer in a God- a Creator of all things and the Universe.
In my search for God I have gone to church regularly for the past 25 years.
During those years I studied the Bible scriptures and found references to many things that are mentioned in the Bible but not explained in detail or taught to the members.
One of these things is Meditation.

In my 25 years of church, there was never a person who could truly teach me Meditation. I had to search elsewhere to learn Meditation.
I bought many books and audiobooks on the subject.
Words have many meanings and I found that I needed the real experience of Meditation, for me I am more of a visual and hands-on learner.

When I started my search I found Buddha Jewel Monastery, or perhaps I was found.
BJM was offering to teach Meditation classes and I was seeking to learn.

Originally I wanted to learn just Meditation but I didn’t want to be rude so I listened and took notes during the Dharma teachings.
What I found interesting is that some teachings of the Dharma align closely with Christian teachings.
After some time, the Dharma teachings started to give me a deeper knowledge of life, death, cycles, causality,… I know I have much more to learn.
I find that the Dharma teachings are helping my Meditation to be deeper and better. My mind has been strengthened tremendously.

I still struggle at times with Meditation, sometimes I make progress, other times I feel like I’ve lost progress, but I continue on and the Dharma teachings help motivate me to overcome these obstacles, and I continue on.
For example, learning of the “Mara – Death” which is limiting my time here to be a practitioner of Meditation, I am more motivated after this teaching to spend even more time Meditating.
I am pleasantly surprised that the teachings have enhanced my Meditation and now I look forward to deepening my understanding of Dharma as well as my Meditation.



Steve Langford

我是個相信上帝的人 –上帝是宇宙萬事萬物的創造者。過去二十五年來,我持續的上教堂尋找上帝。在那些年中,我研讀聖經,並且試著印證許多在聖經中曾提到但卻未詳述的事項。其中之一便是靜坐。