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About Us

A Refreshing Spring in the Modern World

Opening the door to enlightenment

Meditation and Zen Buddhism help people calm their bodies and minds, relieve pressure and anxiety, and bring peace and insight into their lives.  As an outreach effort from Chung Tai Chan Monastery in Taiwan, Buddha Jewel Monastery opened its doors in the picturesque city of Seattle in September 2008.

Broad Transmission of Chung Tai

By teaching Zen meditation and Buddhism, Buddha Jewel Monastery aims to serve the Great Seattle Area by helping people purify their minds and promote mutual understanding and social harmony.  

We welcome everyone to attend our classes and events, to discover the joy of meditation, and to learn the wisdom of the Buddha.

Tour of Chung Tai

We are a branch of the world-wide Chung Tai organization

Education of Awareness

Buddhism, Buddha’s timeless wisdom, teaches people how to attain inner peace and uncover the inherent wisdom within all of us. By studying our minds and understanding that afflictions are caused by our own greed, anger, and ignorance, we may attain unbiased perception of reality and true freedom. 

Chung Tai Lineage

Grand Master Wei Chueh, the founding Patriarch of Chung Tai Chan Monastery, continues the Linji lineage of Chinese Chan (Zen) Buddhism and brings the thousand-year-old wisdom to the modern world.  He tirelessly paved the road for decades with the vow that everyone who wishes to benefit from Buddhism has the chance.

Grand Master Wei Chueh

The Founding Patriarch of Chung Tai 

Venerable Master Jian Deng

The Abbot of Chung Tai

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Buddha Jewel Monastery

  • 17418 8th Ave NE, Shoreline, WA 98155
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