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“When The Mind Is Pure, The Land Is Pure.”

During this difficult time, it is easy to feel restless and impatient.  We might consciously or unconsciously manifest feelings of suspicion and intolerance towards others. However, we can replace these negative emotions with tolerance and caring through understanding how difficult it is for those who are infected.

Let our compassionate hearts bring forth healing, starting with our kind thoughts and tolerance. We can mindfully chant the sutras and meditate to pacify and purify our minds. Let’s dedicate the merits of our cultivation to world peace and wish for everyone to be free from suffering. ⚖︎

Target: 1,080,000 mins
Heart Sutra
Target: 108,000 times
Diamond Sutra
Target: 10,800 times
Great Compassion Mantra
Target: 108,000 times
Mantra for Detoxification
Target: 1,080,000 times
Misfortune-Dispelling and Blessings Mantra
Target: 108,000 times
Dedications since 3/1/20. Numbers are updated daily.

What does "Misfortune-Dispelling and Blessings Mantra" mean?

“Misfortune” is derived from the mind and is extinguished by the mind. All so called misfortunes are sufferings from retribution caused by past negative karmas….

Why Do We Encourage People To Chant The Diamond Sutra?
Because we have piles of delusions in our mind, we need the prajna wisdom of the Diamond Sutra to turn consciousness into wisdom and to empty our attachments.  All afflictions arise from our mind, just as said in the sutras: The oceans of karmic obstacles all originate from our deluded thoughts.

Chanting the Diamond Sutra is a practice that helps to transform and eliminate deluded thoughts. After we chant it for fifty thousand times, one hundred thousand times, this mind of purity and stillness will gradually manifest itself.

Therefore, chanting the Diamond Sutra is a way to cultivate samadhi; it helps us move forward to realize the mind of non-attachment and attain liberation.   If we want to honestly and earnestly cultivate, we need to chant the Diamond Sutra.


Grand Master Wei Chueh

Facing this pandemic, what should we do to safely get through it?

A Topic we all need to explore urgently

The Grand Master's Dharma Talk On SARS (In 2003)


Some of you may remember the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) outbreak back in 2003, another coronavirus with global impact. Even though it wasn’t widespread in the United States, it still caused anxiety and fear around the world. Grand Master Wei Chueh’s Dharma talk on SARS, which is part of this week’s reading, is as pertinent to our situation today as it was almost 20 years ago. By purifying our minds, we can also purify the world.

The whole world is now in fear of the SARS epidemic. Patients with SARS may gradually recover after undergoing some distress and quarantine; but in the more serious cases, they may succumb to the disease. Facing this epidemic, what should we do to safely get through it? This is a topic we all need to explore urgently.

Buddhism teaches that “illness arises from karma, and karma is produced from our mind.”  To prevent SARS, beside avoiding crowded public places, keeping our home and office clean, tidy, dry, and the air well circulated, we should also always abide in right mindfulness, freeing our mind from the poisons of greed, anger, ignorance and other negative thoughts—this is how we keep ourselves away from disease.  

SARS is a calamity we all face together. To prevent and protect ourselves from this calamity, we need to start from our minds. When we relate and treat each other with friendliness and compassion, an effective defensive system is developed within our mind. This is the best strategy to protect ourselves and to keep disease out.

“Contemplate the suffering of sentient beings; bring forth the bodhi mind.”   When we see everyone in the world is in fear, it kindles in us a sense of unconditioned compassion and oneness toward all beings. We can dedicate the merits of our morning and evening service and our good deeds toward world peace, wishing all sentient beings be free from illness. When we all hold this same hope and wish, our minds will abide in right mindfulness, calmness, and compassion, free from distraction or distortion. And when our minds are free of disease, the external world will also be free of disease. When our minds are pure, the external world is also a pure land. As we all recognize this, our minds will no longer be in tune with a world of epidemic. Simply transform our thoughts, we will bring brightness and purity to this world.

Turn the Dharma Wheel

To provide a serene and safe environment for all comers, a spiritual home of peace and enlightenment 

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Benefit All Sentient Beings

The Lotus Sutra says, “If one builds stupas, temples, and statues, it is as if one is seeing countless Buddhas.

One will attain supreme enlightenment, liberating countless sentient beings.”

The Existing Building

The existing building is an old church from the 1950s, the site covering approximately 97,000 square feet and the two story building is approximately 25,000 square feet total.

The Renovation Includes...

The renovation includes various spaces such as Main Lobby, Meditation hall, lecture hall, Dining hall, Conference  room, library, children’s room, etc., and entails optimization of all hardware to meet the current  functional needs and code requirements, such as high ceilings, comprehensive upgrades of mechanical, plumbing and electrical system and equipment, barrier-free facilities, addition of a new elevator and new landscapeping, etc.

Our Goal...

Our goal is to transform the existing church space into an environment suitable for meditation and the study of Buddhism. In order to give back to the community, Buddha Jewel also actively cooperates with the Shoreline City government on the street improvement as well as environmental conservation in line with altruistic principle supported by Dharma teaching, “benefit self also benefit others”. 

Turn the Dharma Wheel

Help Build A Buddhist Monastery

The Lotus Sutra says, “If one builds stupas, temples, and statues, it is as if one is seeing countless Buddhas.  One will attain supreme enlightenment, liberating countless sentient beings. ”

We are now renovating the New Buddha Jewel so that we can provide a better environment for more people who wish to come and learn.  We invite all of you to support this effort and make a difference.  Contributing to the building or remodeling of a monastery allows more people to learn from the Three Jewels; it benefits others and increases our merits at the same time. You are always welcome to make a free will donation.  

Support Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha

With a respectful mind, we practice Dana (Giving) and making offerings to establish monasteries and support the Three Jewels (Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha) to propagate the Dharma. Thus we help others to associate with the Three Jewels, understand the Truth, eradicate afflictions, and perfect blessings and wisdom. The merits of enhancing the spiritual life of sentient beings surpass the value of offering material goods.

The blessings and merits are inconceivable

The Sutra says, “With one act of dana, we will reap ten thousand-fold.”   The blessings and merits from building a monastery are inconceivable.  Please join us in supporting the renovation of Buddha Jewel Monastery — a spiritual home of peace and enlightenment.

All classes and events are free of charge.  Your donations are deeply appreciated.

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