Meanings and benefits

Lamp Offering

The Eternal Lamp

By Master Bodhidharma

“The eternal lamp represents perfect awareness. Likening the illumination of awareness to that of a lamp, those who seek liberation see their body as the lamp, their mind as its wick, the addition of discipline(precepts) as its oil, and the power of wisdom as its flame. By lighting this lamp of perfect awareness they dispel all darkness and delusion. And by passing this Dharma on to others they’re able to use one lamp to light thousands of lamps. And because these lamps likewise light countless other lamps, their light lasts forever.”

The Practice of Lamp Offering


It integrates three types of giving practices:

1.Material giving

2.Giving of solace

3.Dharma giving

According to Buddhist scriptures, one can obtain many benefits by making a lamp offering to the Three Jewels:
  • Good Health
  • Clarity of Vision
  • Purity of Mind
  • Freedom from Fear and Worries
  • Patience and Gentleness
  • Extinction of Ignorance
  • Attainment of Wisdom
  • Supreme Enlightenment

Making a Lamp Offering

Lighting the Lamp signifies enlightenment and wisdom. Offering the lamp to the Buddha not only honors the Buddha, but also helps us to awaken our luminous Buddha nature. We may also dedicate the merits towards harmony in the home, peace in the world, and enlightenment to all. You can make a Lamp Offering in your name (or a name of your choice) for a period of one year (from Jan.1, 2020 until Dec. 31, 2020) by making a donation. This is a great opportunity for us to clear away karmic obstacles, support the precious teaching of the Dharma, and honor the Buddha. Let us all participate in this illuminating and worthy endeavor.