Dharma Lectures

His Compassion is never ending and his vows are immeasurable

How do we face the pandemic?

Facing this epidemic, what should we do to safely get through it? This is a topic we all need to explore urgently.



Contemplate Impermanence to realize the true mind

Where there is life there is death; where there is achievement there is failure; only this mind is fundamental and infinite.  By contemplating birth and death we will realize the state of “no birth or death.”


Freedom from Suffering

The purpose of Zen practice is to help us transcend life and death and attain liberation from suffering.  In order to obtain true liberation, we must first reflect on, examine, and realize what we cannot see through and let go.


Purity of the Six Roots Is True Freedom

When this mind has no delusive thoughts or drowsiness, can achieve mastery everywhere, and attain the absolute state of total stillness, our life will be infinite—that is our true life. 



Mind, Buddha, and sentient beings are in essence one. When this mind is awakened, it is the Bodhi mind; it is the Bodhisattva mind.


Why Do We Encourage People To Chant The Diamond Sutra?

Chanting the Diamond Sutra is a practice that helps to transform and eliminate deluded thoughts.