What does "Misfortune-Dispelling and Blessings Mantra" mean?

Misfortune is derived from the mind and is extinguished by the mind. All so called misfortunes are sufferings from retribution caused by past negative karmas.

When karmic obstacles are cleared, the mind is relieved and realizes blessings.

To uphold this mantra, one should abide by Three Contemplations in One Mind. Contemplate emptiness (the empty nature of everything in the world) to expel misfortune; contemplate provisional existence to realize blessings. The former two contemplations are from one thought: expel misfortune and blessings will be realized. They are provisionally existent in the Dharma realms. This is Middle Way contemplation.

When one is deluded, blessings may be perceived as misfortune. When one is enlightened, misfortune may be perceived as blessings. The Tiantai Fourfold Teachings and Six Identities of the Buddha are applicable, and if you contemplate these teachings, you are on the way.








Misfortune-Dispelling and Blessings Mantra

Nā mō sān mǎn duō。mǔ tuó nán。wō bō là dǐ 。hè duō shě。sā láng nán。dá zhí tā。ān。qié qié。qié xì。qié xì 。hòng hòng。 rù wá là。rù wá là。bō là rù wá là。bō là rù wá là。dǐ sè zhà。dǐ sè zhà。sè zhì lǐ。sè zhì lǐ。sā pō zhà。sā pō zhà。shàn dǐ jiā。shǐ lǐ yì。sā wá hē。