Supreme is the buddha way, I vow to attain.

Zen meditation & Buddhism

About the class

Buddha Jewel Monastery emphasizes both meditation practice and in-depth Dharma study.  These classes provide an excellent way to systematically learn the essential principles of Zen Buddhism and put them into practice. In sutra classes we study in depth from the source, the scriptures of the Buddha. Each class meeting is for two hours, consisting of meditation practice (inc. instruction) in the first hour, and a lecture on Buddhist principles in the second hour. Certificate will be awarded on full completion of each course. All classes are free of charge. Your donations are deeply appreciated.
“Chan (Zen) is the mind of the Buddha; the scriptures are the mouth of the Buddha; the precepts are the body of the Buddha.”
Grand Master Weichueh

Mindfulness & Meditation

ten weeks per term

Mindfulness Practice

Mindfulness is a state of mind. To practice mindfulness means that the mind is conscientious, clear and lucid.  Thoughts of greed and anger are quickly detected and renounced, and eventually, only righteous thoughts arise.  The mind thinks of the Buddha, the Dharma, the Sangha, and the precepts; the mind is filled with compassion; the mind is not deluded and misguided.  By practice in right mindfulness, we eventually have a complete understanding of the Dharma, are willing to do all good without a sense of the “self” doing the deed, or the “other” benefiting from the deed, finally reaching enlightenment.

Meditation Methods

In the meditation class, we introduce fundamental meditation methods that train our mind to be focused and calm, and some important concepts about meditation to help keep our practice on the right path to achieve its benefits and goals. 

Be mindful each moment. Do not dwell in the past, present or future.  The past is past, to linger on it is pointless.  The future has yet to come, to speculate on it is wishful thinking.  To worry about the present is to be trapped in fleeting, inconsequential thoughts.
Grand Master Weichueh

Zen Buddhism Classes

Ten weeks per term

Level 1

Mindfulness & Fundamentals

2 terms

No Prerequisite

Level 2

Compassion & Bodhisattva Practices

2 terms

Prerequisite: Level 1


Level 3

Middle Way Reality & Mind Ground Dharma

4 terms

Prerequisite: Level 2

Sutra Study Series

Prerequisite: Level 3

Sutra on Impermanence

2 terms 

Sutra of 42 Chapters

6 terms 

Children Meditation Class

Respect. Kindness. Harmony .truthfulness


Class meeting is for one hour, consisting of meditation practice and a story time on Buddhist principles.

Parents are invited to join this class.

The is designed for children ages 6-12 to discover their inner wisdom and develop a positive outlook on life. Students learn to sharpen their awareness and concentration and to appreciate the gifts of this world.

All classes and events are free of charge.  Your donations are deeply appreciated.